How to check if a value is a number in JavaScript


Last updated on Oct 4, 2021 by Suraj Sharma

In this tutorial, you’ll learn two ways to check if a value is of number type in JavaScript

1. UsingisNaN()

The window.isNaN() function determines whether the passed argument is NaN(not a number) or not.

It returns false if the passed argument is a number else returns true.


isNaN(45) // false
isNaN('Hello') // true
isNaN(NaN) // true
isNaN(45.02) // false

2. Using typeof operation

The typeof operator returns a string representing the type of a value/operand.


typeof 45 === 'number' // true
typeof 'hello' === 'number' // false
typeof 56.78 === 'number' // true

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