How to embed a Youtube video in React

Last updated on Dec 2, 2020 by Suraj Sharma

In this tutorial, you will learn to embed a Youtube video using youtube URL in your React application using a react-player npm module.

Getting started

Assume you have an existing React application where you want to embed a Youtube video.

Install react-player npm module

npm install --save react-player


yarn add react-player

Embed a Video using Youtube URL

Create a function component <EmbedVideo />, which imports react-player and takes a youtube URL to embed on your application


import ReactPlayer from 'react-player/youtube';
// or
// import ReactPlayer from 'react-player';
//if you want to support other video URLs

const EmbedVideo = (props) => {
  return (
    <ReactPlayer url={props.url} />

export default EmbedVideo;

Now, import and test it in App.jsx file

const App = () => {

  return (
    <EmbedVideo url="" />

export default App;

After your react application reloads, you see something similar to this on your browser

Embed youtube video using react-player

For more advanced react-playerexamples and demo, visit react-player demo

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