4 best free website hosting sites for Javascript developers (no credit card required)

Last updated on Aug 21, 2020 by Suraj Sharma

Whether you are a student learning javascript or a professional javascript developer, who wants to host their static portfolio website, rest APIs or microservices. You will always look for a reliable CDN or website hosting provider that can host your projects for free without using a third party domain name.

This website and many other websites of mine for instance, Longurl.in are hosted for free without me providing my credit card details to the web hosting provider.

Most of the web hosting sites provide SSL certificates for free to make your website secure for the users. They have the option to add your custom domain to the website.

This article is written basically for Javascript developers but the some of the websites in the list are valid for other developers like PHP developers, you might have to look into other websites on how to deploy or web host your websites or APIs on the below mentioned website hosting sites.

What is the best free website hosting sites for JavaScript developers?

Here are my top picks for the best web hosting providers for JavaScript developers that do not require a credit card, provides an option to add a custom domain name and provisions a SSL certificate to your domain for free.

1. Github Pages

Github pages free web hosting

Github pages is the most popular static website hosting platform among the developers to host portfolio website and open source documentations.

To host a website on Github Pages, you must have a github account because to host websites on github pages you will need a github repository where you can push your source code and github will automatically deploy it to the github pages. They allow you to add your own custom domain name to the website for free.

Github Pages makes your website secure by enforcing HTTPS for your website without costing you a penny. To enforce HTTPS to your website you have to check the 'Enforce HTTPS' checkbox under your github repository settings

These are few steps to deploy a static website on github pages

2. Firebase Hosting

Firebase hosting free web hosting

Firebase hosting is a google cloud platform where developers deploy their mobile apps and web apps and it serves your content over a global cloud delivery network. It allows developers to host their both static and dynamic websites, APIs and microservices for free.

They have paid plans if you have plans to scale your websites but if your website has lower traffic then you don’t have to pay anything. It won’t ask to add your credit card information unlike AWS.

Firebase provides a SSL certificate to your website signed byLet’s Encrypt, a non-profit certificate authority.

Connecting a custom domain to your firebase project is quite simple and is free of cost.

3. Vercel (formerly known as Zeit)

Vercel free web hosting

If you’re a React and Next.js developer then your first option for website hosting should be Vercel. Just connect your git repository and you are good to go, every time you push your code to the master it will deploy it and your website is up to date in a minute or so.

Vercel allows you to deploy static and dynamic websites along with serverless functions support. It also has CLI support that easily creates a build and deploys it to the server and your website is up and running in a couple of minutes.

Vercel also allows you to connect your custom domain for free. It by default provides SSL certificates.

4. Netlify

Netlify free web hosting

Netlify supports many modern web development frameworks, whether it’s a javascript framework or a PHP framework, It will smoothly deploy and host your static and full fledged dynamic serverless functions websites in less two minutes.

Just connect with your git repository or use Netlify CLI on your terminal for continuous deployment and hosting. It provisions a SSL certificate to your domains and allows you to add a custom domain name to your website for free of cost.


The list above contains the best free web hosting sites available on the internet for Javascript developers and they don’t require you to hold a credit card. I have hosted on all the above four websites and found all to be equally good.

Use their CLIs to easily preview, build and deploy your projects or connect your git repository for continuous deployment all are free.

I hope I have covered all the best web hosting websites where you can host your portfolio or side projects for free with your own custom domain names for free. If you have any other websites that provide free web hosting for javascript developers, leave me a message, I would be happy to add it to the list.

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